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Image by Stephanie Harvey


I got my start at one of Houston's top producing Real Estate Photography Companies which is where I fell in love with the angles & details of architectural photography. After many years of shooting 5-7 homes per day, I desired to slow the pace & focus more on the quality of the images I was generating rather than the quantity of the homes being shot. 


My passion & commitment is to provide my clients with the most engaging views of the properties & help them attract the most desirable and motivated buyers. Using a combination of natural & artificial light, I combine multiple exposures to create beautiful, captivating interior & exterior images. 

GOING THE EXTRA MILE EVERY SINGLE TIME. My love for this work means never hesitating to assist in staging details that best showcase through the lens. Whether it be rearranging furniture, hiding unsightly items, perfecting lawns, adding a more dynamic sky or popping a fire inside of a fireplace for achieving a cozier feel in post production. My goal is to ALWAYS deliver the best that it can be. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression! 


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